what some of my clients are saying


“Teresa has an amazing ability to see the best in me and hold that vision, keeping it alive while holding me accountable to it.  I’ve never felt so seen or understood before.  I don’t know how she does it, but it works!  If you are considering her as your coach, stop now and hire her!  She is incredible and you will not regret it!”

Kathleen S., New York, NY 


“Teresa is an amazing coach. Her intuition, love for me as her client, and honesty makes every coaching session a transformative experience. She not only helps me look at my topic from different perspectives but she also helps me get to the root causes and see my true feelings. Her wisdom and straight talk are a great combination for powerful self discoveries.”

SMM, Oakland, CA


“Teresa is an amazing coach. Her understanding of human relationships, coupled with her generous heart and sharp intuition, makes her a powerhouse in creating personal transformation. Through the work we did together, she helped me uncover and discard fears and insecurities I had about myself and see the possibilities I was longing for. With her insight and guidance, I was able to come to a point where I viscerally knew that the relationship I was in wasn’t right for me, and through her coaching I made the tough decision to end it and move on. Teresa was a champion for me throughout the process and saw what I had a hard time seeing and admitting to myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted and my future is brighter than ever. I recommend Teresa without reservation.”

H.G., San Francisco Bay Area


 “What can I say, Teresa is incredible!  I was referred to her by a friend to receive some (much needed and long overdue) relationship advice.  Within one session I had made a shift that my wife noticed immediately.  After three sessions, my wife decided she too wanted to get in on what I had discovered and began working with Teresa as well.  It has been a little over six months and I am wrapping up coaching for now.  I’ve got solid tools and new perspectives that will carry me forward in my marriage.  My wife is still working with Teresa and loving everything they are doing.  The best part of working with her is that she doesn’t try to keep you a client any longer than you need her.  I know I’ll be back though, if I ever need your assistance once more.

Teresa, your insight, communication skills and wisdom shine through and have helped me to become the man I wanted to be, knew I could be, but was a little scared to be. Thank you for seeing the best version of me!”

 Rob M., Raleigh, NC


“Teresa is the real deal. She has a true ability to connect with you, see situations, and guide in a way that is 100% authentic. Teresa translates what your soul feels and wants to say, but (what) so many of us can’t see clearly or say with confidence that’s how we actually feel. She has always said something that deep down I already know and her sessions help put it into actual words, perspective, and forward-thinking advice. I started seeing Teresa to gain insight on something negative in my life. I had already gone to every other type of person possible (traditional doctors, acupuncture, therapy, etc.) and was willing to try anything just to say that I had tried it. Teresa gave me additional insight and ways to address it and it actually made a difference – a real and very meaningful difference, and now I will never be at that same point ever again! Words can never truly say how grateful I am to Teresa and her gift for changing my life so dramatically!  If you’re considering going to Teresa, it’s well worth the money to find out for yourself.  Thank you for having a positive impact on my life, Teresa!”

Kate C., San Ramon, CA 

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