Every great relationship begins with one person: yourself.  Each moment offers an opportunity to choose how you show up in life.  Will you continue the same path or choose a different way of relating to yourself and to others?  If you are not satisfied with relationships in your life, what is holding you back from experiencing the life of your dreams?  As your coach, my mission is to draw out your full magnificence. By helping to unravel the stories, fears, doubts and untruths, your true self is realized and you begin living life from an empowered perspective.  When you are standing fully in the truth of who you are, your decisions become easier, your relationships naturally become healthier and balanced, you live life in harmony with the world around you. Whether you are  CEO of a Fortune 500 or of your own life, every person can benefit from living life with clarity and wisdom.  

Teresa Lodato


You want to realize love, to experience satisfying, healthy relationships. Together we will identify the blind spots that get in the way of experiencing success and provide tools to keep you on track while realizing your heart’s desires.


With over fifteen years in sales and relationship management, I help clients elevate their communication and relating skills to achieve higher sales, improved efficiency and greater results.