Relationships are a two way street where you get to choose your destination.

Happy people know it takes more giving and less taking overall to realize relationship success.

-Teresa Lodato-

private coaching

Do you want to realize love, to experience satisfying, healthy relationships?

How would you describe the relationship you have with yourself?

Change is a constant in life.  Are you prepared to be your best self as life happens?

Are you searching for answers?  

Are you responding to a call within yourself (that little voice inside that tells you there is more to life)?


Where do you want the relationships in your life to lead?


Together we will uncover your own personal path to reach the longing within your heart so you can continue your journey of realizing your innermost desires brought to life.

Together we will identify the blind spots that get in the way of your success.  We will examine what you really want in life and what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  

Together we will create useful tools for use on your journey to realizing supportive relationships, smoother transitions and decisions that are consciously chosen.  


Everything you want is on the other side of fear


Are you ready to discover what is possible in your life?

my clients are

longing to live a life of purpose

feeling something is missing in their life but can’t quite put their finger on it

going through or are considering going through a transition 

realizing people in their life just don’t seem to “fit” anymore

wondering what more there is to life

wanting experiences which fulfill them

courageous and brave

willing to do the work to become the best version of themselves

my clients want  

to discover how to handle change in their relationships and make them stronger 

more satisfying relationships with the people in their lives 

to have more certainty that the choices they are making are the right ones

to learn how to manage difficult people and situations with grace and ease

to share their life with a special someone 

 to learn how to avoid toxic relationships 

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 one-on-one coaching

weekly & biweekly sessions

individuals and couples 

group coaching

emergency coaching

phone and zoom appointments 


workshops & retreats

Teresa Lodato

Every great relationship begins with yourself


Will you continue the same path or choose a different way of relating to yourself and to others?
If you are not satisfied with relationships or where your life has taken you, what is holding you back from experiencing the life of your dreams?  By helping to unravel the stories, fears, doubts and untruths, your true self is realized and you begin living life from an empowered perspective.  When you are standing fully in the truth of who you are, your decisions become easier, your relationships naturally become healthier and balanced, you live life in harmony with the world around you.  Whether you are  CEO of a Fortune 500 or of your own life, you too can benefit from living life with clarity and wisdom. Each moment offers an opportunity to choose how you show up in life.

Where are you on the journey to being the best version of yourself?

You have many options when choosing a coach

Credentials – I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  It is a globally recognized organization and provides credentials to professional coaches who have met strict education and experience requirements, as well as signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, mastery of coaching skills and dedication to their clients.  In addition, I have completed all training and certification requirements for the highly sought after Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certification (pending passing final exam).

Education – I received my coach training from Co-Active Training Institute (CTI – formerly Coaches Training Institute) the founders of which, were among the initial pioneers of the coaching profession.  The Co-Active Coach® Training program is known as the “Gold Standard” by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.  I also studied Counseling Psychology in graduate school (for more information on my education, please visit the “About Me” tab).

Connection –  I create a safe place for us to explore what you bring to our sessions. I hold the value that you are already a whole person looking to improve yourself, and therefore you possess the capacity for knowing what is best for you.

final thoughts…

“Whether your relationship is awful, good, or great we don’t like endings.

We don’t like to lose things and especially, we don’t like to lose things that are important to us.

And make no mistake relationships are the single most important thing to you and your life.

It’s the source of all of your best memories.

It’s the source of all of your worst memories.

When you think back on your life and you’re 95, a hundred years old, 

and you look back over the course of your lifetime you’re not gonna think

I wish I owned a better phone

I wish I spent more time on the internet

I wish I spent more time at work or sleeping.

It’s not gonna be any of those kinds of things.

It’s gonna be I wish I spent more time with the people I love”

-Gary Lewandowski